Elegance with a touch of character.

Any size table.

Price from 5000 PLN.

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Slim Oak is undoubtedly our Bestseller. Thin oak top, visible texture, knots and cracks are the main features of this model. However, we leave you free hand to choose the finish of the top, so if you decide that a quieter look would work better in your home, then of course we will make such a table for you.


The color is determined on the basis of photos from our site. You can order samples of coloration from us, or send us a sample to which we will match the appropriate shade.






Decorative element

We can make the decorative element in any shape from materials such as copper, brass, steel, stone, wood or titanium. It is also possible to make an engraving on the indicated element.


The table base can come in various forms. The most popular are the legs made of angle iron shaded towards the bottom, and the classic version made of a 2×2 cm profile with a crossbar.

If your project envisages a different base then let us know and we will make one for you as well. Together we can create something tailored specifically to your needs.

I believe that together we will create something special and this very table made especially for you
You will write its further history in your home!!!
Type of wood


Tabletop thickness

2.5 - 3 cm


Powder coated in any color selected from RAL, Steel


Oil wax (deep matt )

Can be unfolded


Execution Time

6-8 weeks