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Round Trunk is a variation on the classic trunk table. Its regular shape and delicate edge make it unique, and the possibility of ordering the exact diameter you specify will make you see it as the perfect piece of furniture for your interior.


The base of the table can come in various forms. The most popular are legs made of angle brackets shaded towards the bottom, and classic hairpinlegs. If your project envisions a different base then let us know, and we will make one for you as well. Together we can create something tailored specifically to your needs.

I believe that together we will create something special and this very table made especially for you
You will write its further history in your home!!!
Type of wood

Oak trunk

Tabletop thickness

Between 7 -10 cm


Powder coated in any color selected from RAL, Steel


Oil wax (deep matte)

Lead time

4-6 weeks