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Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Wood | Material

What kind of wood are the products made of?

Mostly made of oak wood. It is closest to me and I work best on it. I have also made products from ash and pine. Ultimately, it is up to the customer himself to decide from what material to make a product for him. I am happy to advise.


What about the color of the wood?

Here the customer has complete freedom. He can choose the color on the basis of photos of existing products or send/indicate a sample on the basis of which I will select the coloration.

Do you send color samples?

Yes, there is such a possibility.

What is the cost of the sampler?

PLN 10 for each color + courier. This amount is deducted when the customer decides to carry out the order.

Wood care

What is protected wood?

I use oil-wax for all my products. The oil protects the wood from liquids and a thin, invisible coating of matte wax protects the surface from scratches.

After what time should the product be re-oiled?

This largely depends on the use of the product. For example, our table ( 2 adults + 2 children ) we refresh once every 2 years. There is no rule here. The customer himself decides by evaluating the surface whether the product should be refreshed.


What table/table bases do you have on offer?

I do not want to limit myself to specific/fixed types of bases. The customer can choose a base that we have already created or send us a drawing, a design of his own. 

Are you able to make every base?

Yes, with the assumption that the design does not deviate from my style. 

Burning wood

Does a smoked countertop get dirty?

No. The surface is properly cleaned and protected.

How to take care of the burned surface?

For wiping, just use a damp cloth (preferably a cotton one that will not leave micro-hairs on the countertop). Absolutely do not use preparations like Pronto. This applies to all products, not just smoked. 

What about waterproofing such a surface?

Burnt products absorb the first layer of oil much faster than natural ones, so you may need to perform a re-oiling procedure after just 6 months.

Will I get information on what oil to use and how to technically do it?

Of course. We are always there to help and advise.

Are smoked products suitable for the bathroom/kitchen?

Yes. The burning process itself makes the wood resistant to moisture, mold and fungi. However, it should be remembered that wood in these areas requires extra attention. Do not leave standing water on the surface of the countertop because it will greatly accelerate the removal of the protective surface.

Can smoked products stand outside?

Yes. You just need to remember that excessive water should not stand on the surface of the countertop.

Folding tables

Do you make folding tables?

Yes, with the exception of smoked and round tables.

What does the unfolding system look like?

On the principle of extensions,which are attached to the ends of the table.

How long can the extensions be and do they hide in the table?

The maximum length of one extension is 50 cm. Our system does not provide a place to keep them in the table. After disassembly, you need to store them in a separate place.

Cooperation with architects

Do you work with architects?

Yes, I am happy to undertake such cooperation. I like new challenges and projects.


Where can your products be seen?

Unfortunately, at the moment we do not have our own showroom. We are currently looking for a place where we can send our products. However, you can always visit me at the studio.


Piece of Wood

Piece of wood is a studio that was born out of a love of beautiful interiors.


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Piece of Wood

Piece of wood is a studio that was born out of a love of beautiful interiors.